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Do you feel like this about SEO?

WELCOME to my internet home.  I am a Virtual Assistant based in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  I provide strategies, task management and technical training to busy entrepreneurs.  Why chase down webinars and seminars when you can get past your roadblocks by simply contacting me?  You don’t have to go it alone ~ I have priced my hourly rate so even solopreneurs can afford my services.


Being a small business owner is a challenge. You need to do the work of the team involved in running a company – the CEO, CFO, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Inventory Manager, Purchasing Department and clerical team.

Ask Yourself:

  • Are your hours utilized effectively when trying to learn new computer based programs, how to leverage social media or email marketing?
  • Do you have extra time and money to spend on books and programs to do everything yourself?
  • Are you doing the things that you love about your business instead of spending time and gas $$ chasing down seminars and webinars on social media and marketing?
  • Do you come away from webinars and seminars still confused on how to implement things discussed or simply a pitch for an expensive program or service?

I encourage you to contact me to arrange for your free 1 hour consultation to see how I can easily and economically assist you with your business needs.
Create a more effective business today.

Listed below are just a few examples of how I can assist you in expanding your business:

  • Virtual project support or techie training assistance.
  • Send out e-newsletters, special promotions or announcements to your customers and potential customers;
  • WordPress or Blogger (free blogging platforms) – Set up a blog to showcase your expertise and pages with information about your business;
  • Set up business listings utilizing free online business listing sites, to increase your SEO and search ranking;
  • Transform business cards and/or customer lists into one comprehensive list to use for B2B networking and marketing purposes;
  • LinkedIn, Facebook Business Page, Twitter account set up;
  • Creation and posting of content on social media sites;
  • Create Gratitude and Customer Retention Campaigns to your customer base;
  • Traditional postcard announcement campaigns;
  • Data Entry;
  • Organization and/or creating a better process flow;
  • Computer functionality assistance (tackling your email box, Word, Excel, exploring the internet).

The majority of your customers are spending their time online, viewing content and doing searches for products they are interested in. Does your business have an adequate online presence?

Remember, your initial 1 hour consultation is complimentary.

I look forward to consulting with you soon!



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